Autism, Autistic and Our Idea

Autistician's are very knowledgeable. For this, the curiosity of autistic people is created. From that, they know about them and write this article about them.


Autism is not a disease, hereditary or emotional problem, it is a neurological or psychological problem. This problem is called neuro developmental disorder in English. Autism is generally identified as the child's psychological complexity. Symptoms of autism have been known since early childhood, usually for three years. People with autism become weaker in social behavior, less capable of interactivity. The tendency of repeated mental retardation and the same work can be seen. 

With the children affected by this disease, He or she can not develop a social relationship with anyone of the same age or any other age group. Calling by name does not respond. Many of these people prefer to talk about size. Such children like to remember themselves. He has his own desires. When they do not want to do it, they are disturbed. They do not look at anyone's eyes. Nobody wants to share things with us. Do not laugh or look at someone but do not respond too much. Many people do not like to love again. In general, autistic children often say the same thing and prefer to do the same thing over and over again. Autism has become so widespread in the world that the United Nations is celebrating as World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 every year.


Autism is called autistic. Some of the autistic children are called mentally challenged. Some children or autistic children with autism may sometimes display very special skills. Autistic children are very knowledgeable. But like eight to ten children, their knowledge is not the same. Some of them have great knowledge of mathematics, somebody's science, somebody can get some great pictures, and some of them have a lot of memorabilia. And for this reason, a great scientist can become an autistic child. Many experts thought that superstitious Einstein had autism.

Moreover, many think that the great scientist Isaac Newton was autistic. There is no branch of science that Newton does not have. Many more famous scientists, poets, literary and president were autistic. Do not want to make the text larger with their list. If someone wishes you can click here to see.
The reason to talk to them is that maybe the unusual little boy on your side is autism. Help him grow up He may be a famous person. Even you and maybe an autistic Because 2-4 people are affected by autism every thousand. It may be more or less disturbed by the area.

Who is affected by autism:

Children from autism have been affected by autism. Their symptoms were revealed three years later. Now the question is whether only children are autistic, how do the autistic children grow or become older?
Symptoms of autism are expressed in childhood. To be big, autism becomes better. Due to the fact that many children are prematurely dying due to autism due to not being able to cope with the environment, many people grow older with abnormalities. But in childhood, autism has a very large size. Most autistic stereoscopic They are worried if they are tied to normal work, and many die because of this disorder. For this purpose, the autistic children should be kept away from the chairs of the house and the side of the fire should be kept away from the pond. They should have a partner during crossing or traveling.
One of my neighbors had this disease. It's almost time to get disturbed. After getting saved in a small state and after getting married in a big way, one day dies in the pond. Which is really tragic.

Why is autism?

Why is autism not true? Scientist and doctors have ideas for autism with chromosome number 7 abnormalities. Medical scientists are talking about the causes of obstruction of the mind, abnormal biological chemical activity in the brain, abnormal structure of the brain, abnormalities of genetics, etc. During pregnancy, due to lack of proper conception of the mother, autism can occur.

Autistic features

Extremely agonizing, stubborn and aggressive behavior, unintended intimidation, insecure, etc. may be autistic. The behaviors and sensitization of autism tend to be much different than others, and there are many differences among the affected people. The behavior of autistic towards noise, light, touch etc. is quite different from the general and strange. Physically, people can not make any difference with autistic. Occasionally, autism comes together with various obstructions. Autistic brain size is larger than normal, but its effect is still unclear.
There is one type of autistic one. The following are some of the main features:

Do the same thing repeatedly. Do more with restrictions. 

 The thing is to throw or break things.
Self-intent to do self-work.
Do not respond if someone calls.
No one's response to the call of the brawl.
Seeking to stay away or not joining with everyone.
Do not let your environment change.
Prefer to stay awake.
If you do not want to react fiercely or reactivate.
Incomprehensible movements.
Lying on something.
There is nothing left to do until the end.

Autism patients live life with many other problems. Many people think that these characteristics are children's will or mind's attention. So many people behave badly with children. So those who do such abnormal behavior should be taken to a neurologist quickly. Because autism is not a disease barrier. A little awareness and love can ensure the autistic life of an autistic.


The first treatment of autism child is to identify his disease. It is not possible to treat autistic children with any type of medicine. Rather, he has to make special education arrangements. There is no alternative to his treatment without this education. Through this education, it is possible to make them free to move. So if children with autism have the opportunity to get an education, they will not be responsible for the society but they can become wealthy. 

Because of the talent of autism children, they are very talented. If they can utilize their talent, there will be much welfare of people and people. Autistic children need special education for their talent to use. Because of this, children with autism have been told to be children with special needs or intellectual needs. If these children are provided with proper training, many of them can live the normal life.

How Will Be the Parents Behave on Their Autism Child?